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Ideafly Hero-550 C6W User Manual PDF

Ideafly Hero-550 C6W User Manual PDF – IdeaFly is definitely the ShenZhen primarily based firm devoted to in R&D, construct and sales about drones. Making use of their most important concentrate on aerial photography along with videography, up to now, they have developed quadcopters intended for drone hobbyists. Having said that, by presenting the actual Storm 800, the actual hexacopter, IdeaFly have demostrated interest within the field of industrial drones.

Ideafly Hero-550 C6W
Ideafly Hero-550 C6W

Usually, Should you would like to purchase a hexacopter, the purchase price tags for these form of multiple rotors blow your mind, however the Storm 800 is amazingly economical and also efficient. The actual drone is actually PNP(Plug-N-Play) form, which means, you need to have to buy a number of extras separately before you could fly this, I’ll be telling you in extra specifics of what you need to have to buy later on in the review. Even though this drone is probably not the very best choice for beginners nevertheless it has eye-catching abilities producing it a challenging drone regarding semi-professional pilots and also medium-sized payloads.

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